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It begins in Securus, a subterranean facility originally built to protect an elite group of people in case of nuclear war. It was the only facility prepared in time, leaving its inhabitants as the last survivors on Earth.

The story follows the first-person view of Kagen Meldon, a 26 year-old Healer from the worker class who witnesses one of his closest friends murdered. Kagen is unsure of what really happened, but he does know the truth is being covered up. The danger becomes all too real when Leadership assigns him to a position known as the Death Detaill and involves going to the surface where the threat of The Agent is ever-present. If Kagen is to discover the secret Leadership is trying to hide, he must first find a way to survive the Death Detail.

The Securus Trilogy is post-apocalyptic story with a dystopian theme. The author has included his experience as an Emergency Medicine physician and used it to create unique twists and elements in the story. The Death Detail is the first of three books that make up the Securus Trilogy.


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Anthony Maldonado was born in southern California on August 18, 1979. He earned a degree in biomedical sciences from University of California, Riverside in 2001 as well as a MD from UCLA’s school of medicine in 2004. He then went on to complete his internship and residency in Emergency Medicine, in which he currently practices. He currently lives in Southern California with his wife, Bernice.

Aside from writing, Anthony enjoys running, hiking, and dabbles in a bit of woodworking in his garage. He is fully in touch with his inner (really outer) nerd and enjoys video/computer games as well a range of entertaining movies and cartoons.

Feel free to Contact Anthony with any questions or comments.

Anthony The Author